Inspiring Healthy Eating with a Little Indulgence

Inspiring Healthy Eating with a Little Indulgence


Need some recipe inspiration? Take a look at my own seasonal recipes as well as some favourites from a few household names.


I’m all about deliciousness, but I’m also all about planning and efficiency. I also love sharing, so here you’ll find tips and tricks, as well as some of my stories about food.

About Me

I love to cook, and I love sharing my food with family and friends. Here is a little bit more about me, and why I started “Delicious mostly Nutritious”

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It’s soup season!!!

Oh how I love it when soup season comes around… it’s warming, it’s hearty, it’s nutritious, and it’s convenient. Make a big batch, have it for dinner one night and lunches for the rest of the week. Make it early in the day and re-heat to...

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Thai Pumpkin Soup

This one is super easy, especially if you’ve got Thai curry paste lurking in your freezer… It’s warming, delicious and the curry paste and coconut milk add just a bit of interest to an old favourite. Any curry paste works, either store-bought or home...

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Lamb Shank and Barley soup

This recipe started off with leftover vegetables from a dinner party about 15 years ago (I think I’d made pork with braised leeks & onions) and I’ve been making it ever since. The beauty of soups like this is that you can just use whatever you’ve...

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Making it from scratch…

We’re all busy. Super busy. Work, school, family (old and young), sport, hobbies, housework, gardening… sometimes it can be overwhelming. Many people would add “cooking” to the list above. Fortunately I don’t usually find cooking a chore,...

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Red curry paste

I first made curry paste in 2003 when I lived in London, and have literally never looked back. There are so many different types of curry paste, but red curry is a great staple and I always have some in the freezer. Not only to make traditional curries, but I use it...

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